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Article on The Small Story

What a lovely, lovely article by Cara Solomon at about our Help Portrait event last Saturday.

Click here to read.

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Father’s Day piece on CBS Early Show

I’ve been taking pictures of Eric and Julie Mangini’s family since they lived here in Boston and Eric was a Patriots coach. Now he’s in NY, coaching the Jets, and they remain one of my most fabulous clients ever. I love their family – every time I take pictures for them, they’re always so welcoming and wonderful. I can’t say enough nice things about them.

We had (what I think was) my 7th photoshoot with their family this past weekend at their cape house, and Julie showed me a wonderful piece that CBS’ Early Show did on Eric and his dad, Carmine, back from around Father’s Day. It’s posted on YouTube, so I can link to it here, but I should warn you that the audio sync doesn’t play well with the video at all for some reason. The cool part for me is that they used tons of pictures I’ve taken at their photoshoots over the years in the piece. I took all the family shots that appear as the narrator is talking – isn’t that fun? Thanks for sharing the link, Eric and Julie – and this summer’s pictures will be ready for you in a couple of weeks!