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Two fair-haired sweeties

I met this mama 24 years ago (yes, I had to get a calculator – too many years to do on my fingers), and I haven’t seen her in 18!  Wow, that makes me feel a little old.  But these sweet kids and the fun they had with their mom didn’t make me feel old – they gave off such a fun vibe :)  The whole time I was there, it was just happy and fun and playful… just wonderful.  This is my favorite moment:

Three year old L loved playing peek-a-book behind 9 month old E:

This one seems so funky to me, the way the stones are, and the way E is situated – you can see all the rolls and the cute parts…


Taking a break to fish.

Practice makes perfect…

After a little splashing…

Dad’s into soccer – I think he’ll dig this one (with bonus multi-tasking mama to boot)…

And a Father’s Day picture that can’t be beat – with Blu, the sweet pup, looking on in the background!

LOVED getting to see all you guys!

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