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Two crazy brothers

OK, so I’m in love with the story these pictures tell.  These two little guys are fabulous — wonderfully cuddly, fun, loving, sweet and altogether crazy!  I’ll start off just introducing them to you… B on the left and A on the right.  Can’t you already tell by their smiles and the twinkles in their eyes that they have energy percolating?

So this is what I mean by the stories the pictures tell.  We start with the more posed, classic blocks picture:

And then we get the real-life moment – as every parent knows, what playing with blocks with two kids ultimately devolves into…

But they’re also just incredibly sweet, cuddly boys, loving good books with mama.

Bubble machines make FUN pictures :)


Wet hands make cool prints.


But this one makes me giggle so much – Mom and Dad just having a moment of being amused/overwhelmed by the crazy energy of their fantastic boys:

You guys rock, thanks for a fun morning!

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