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Sisters, and a pop of color

So I know, I know, I market my whole business around black and white photography.  I love it the most – I love the way it lets children’s personalities shine…

The way it lets light take charge in a photo and outline action in the coolest way…

Ok, I’ll get back to the black and white/color discussion in a minute, but first I should introduce these guys.  You might recognize them from YEARS ago when I took pictures of little N inside her mama’s tummy.  But now they’re headed to Beijing on a family adventure, and we needed to document their tree-climbing ways and their fun here in Massachusetts before they left.

And boy are they tree climbers!

And birdwatchers:

And ticklers:


And joyful, wonderful fun people.  Great to see you guys again.  Have a fantastic adventure overseas!

And without further ado, I show you the reason that I shoot in color and show all the photos to my clients in both b&w and color.  Because once in a while there’s a photo that just HAS to be in color.  It has to be. It just HAS to be.

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