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A glowing horticulturalist

Yay, maternity photos again!  It’s been a month or two since I took someone’s belly pictures, and I forgot how much fun it always is.  This lovely sweet mama is not only gorgeous, but (see to the right behind her) she’s successfully keeping an orchid alive – something I’ve never been able to do.  Apparently the trick is three ice cubes once a week? That’s the perfect amount of water.  I have to admit I’m excited to try orchids again with this cool tidbit under my belt.

But back to gorgeous M…

She’s 34 weeks along here – I love the way the light hits her belly on the front right of this picture, just showing exactly how round and smooth it is.

I’m going to let you just look at pictures, I can’t gush too much more about how sweet M is and how fun it was to take her picture.  Enjoy :)


Wonderful to meet you!

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