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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2017 marked my 14th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Remember rat-tail hairdos from the 80’s? This sweet girl sports the most adorable one I’ve ever seen.  Well, I’m biased, because she’s my college roommate’s daughter, and I just adore every bit of her – but the rat-tail is the cutest little thing ever.  I’ll save the rat-tail photo for the end and start with this sweet eyebrow raise:

Reminds me of Austin Powers here 😉

With her pretty mama, even though I promised I wouldn’t include her in these…

Quizzical 🙂

Dimple! Not to mention arm rolls.  Delish.

Perfect tootsies.  Had to edit out a bit of sock lint, but I don’t judge 😉

AND… drumroll please… the famous rat-tail.

Lovely, perfect, beautiful 4 month old sweetheart.  So fun to see you, my sweet.  Big smooch.

P.S. Is there a hyphen in rat-tail?  Rattail looks wrong…?

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