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Still having a blast

I know, I know, most of my clients are still in diapers, or at least were in diapers a lot more recently than these three – but I love when I get a chance to take pictures of older kids – it’s so much fun.

Because we know this guy’s the boss of the family :)

I love how much fun these guys had together:

Pretty much everything we did – they went all out:

One of the boys, first:

And then the girls:

And we had to get a few action shots of A and his hoop skills. Makes me appreciate sports photographers’ skills!

And I love this of elegant Ms. M.  Who says swingsets are only for little kids?

And a good classic one of the whole crew :)

You guys rock!  Great to meet you.

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Stacey Stewart-Afshar - June 16, 2010 - 7:07 pm

These pictures are amazing Sue- what a beautiful family!

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