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Rolls, eyelashes and the best pout

I hadn’t seen this little beauty since she was just a teenie, tiny, newborn.  It’s been a year, and she is such an adorable little one year old now!  Let’s start with this one, so you can see the rolls:

I love the edge of a smile you can see here on baby A as she goes nose to nose with her mama:

And here’s a real closeup on the eyelashes – because I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me if I told you about them without showing them to you…

Awesome hair, eh?

She looks a little like she’s in jail here… but these wrist rolls and fat little fingers kill me:

And then I had to show you the pout.  Don’t you just love it?  The pretty eyes and the pout here…

I love her attitude and rolls here:

Mouthful of yogurt :)

A combo of the pout and the mouthful –

And last of all, a toss in the air from dad – with hair blowing in the breeze!

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