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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2017 marked my 14th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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(Yikes, just noticed that this is my 400th blog post.  Feels like yesterday I started doing this.  Just last month I had my 900th shoot, and now the blog’s getting full of posts, too.  Love it.)

This lovely lady is celebrating her First Communion next weekend, so she put her dress on for me the other day and we grabbed some photos.  First, my #1 favorite shot with her sweet mama:

And this is kinda neat with her rosary beads:

A pretty profile:

And wait, you have to see this dress.  The sash and the flowers at the bottom are this amazing lilac color… incredible.

Twinkley-eyed girl:

With her big brother:

This one’s storybook-level cute:

With her pop:

And as the twins’ big sister (by a year) we had to recreate a shot they’d done back when the twins were babies…

And last but not least, doesn’t Ms. A looks like a model here?

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