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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2017 marked my 14th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Nothing beats a mom and her baby shot, in my mind.  Nothing.

Do you believe big brother C with his little 10 week old brother here?  They see us pinching those sweet cheeks all the time, it’s hard for them not to do it, too.  Luckily little C doesn’t seem to mind.

And when you have the coolest mobile in the world in your room, sometimes you just want to gaze up at it together:

Taking some time with bro’s toes:

A belly tickle:

And the adoration here, as little C stares at big C…. Not to mention the eyelashes! Fantastic.

A mama snuggle/attack:

Big boy holding up his head!  Done with tummy time for today, thank you very much.

Three generations together:

Grandma and her boys:

Love this fat little hand shot, grabbed it as he snoozed at the end of the shoot…

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  • Diane Murphy
    Diane Murphy
    Apr 30 2010
    Your boys are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing
  • Diana Onishuk
    Diana Onishuk
    Apr 30 2010
    Thanks for sending them, I absolutely loved them. Great pictures of the boys.
  • chris
    Apr 30 2010
    great pic's they all came out amazing. the kids are so cute together
  • Jennifer
    Apr 30 2010
    Great photos -- glad you sent them to me -- hope to see you all in real life sometime
  • Jorge L> Obando Jr
    Jorge L> Obando Jr
    May 05 2010
    The pics are great, Connor and Chase look so happy, see u soon!!!

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