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Mama’s boys

This is one of my favorite, favorite shots – I love the upside-down smooch from big brother R, while little brother M looks away, disinterested.

And in this one you can see the boys’ faces better.  Aren’t they handsome as anything?

This one is so cool of energetic R because it’s as if the only thing that’s not moving and in focus is his eye – as if his whole body is spinning around his eyes… which is kinda what he was actually doing ;)

This one makes me giggle:


I love the emotion in this one, too – having such a good time together.

Twinkley eyes and a bubble mouth:

Flying with mama:

Handsome devil.

I loved getting a chance to see you guys again, thanks so much for having me out.

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Danielle Ruggiero - April 14, 2010 - 6:12 am

Jess – you truly have a gift for doing this! The boys had a great time and we love these pics. Thank you so much for capturing this very special time in our lives!

Love danni

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