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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2017 marked my 14th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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These guys live across the street from us, and are almost exactly my Annie’s age.  Got to run over and grab some photos of them with their teenie one week old brother this morning.  Don’t you love the urgency in their eyes as they check to see if he has stinky feet:

Before we even introduce their new brother, aren’t they kinda awesome just the two of them?

And here’s their sweet brother, only 9 days old.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  He’s got his brothers’ eyes, I think.

Investigating all of his little parts:

This one is one of my favorites of the three together – can’t you almost hear them?

And I love this sweet little face as he contemplates the bed:

Looking up at mama, wrinkley skin and all:

Gazing out the window:

And one last moment with all three boys – I think maybe they’re related 🙂  It was so much fun to meet your newest boy, guys – thanks for having me over!

And there comes a time at any shoot when someone’s just done.  This guy was no exception, but isn’t his crying face perfect?

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  • Evan
    Feb 02 2010
    What a cutie! Looks like he will fit right in with the gang. Congrats!
  • Leo Sullivan
    Leo Sullivan
    Feb 03 2010
    The photos are really beautiful. I can't believe the boys all sat still for the photogapher; she did a great job too!!!
  • Stacy Fleming
    Stacy Fleming
    Feb 03 2010
    The pictures are gorgeous. The smiles are incredible and I too am amazed at the subjects sitting still. I love these.
  • Nancy Sullivan
    Nancy Sullivan
    Feb 03 2010
    I love the pictures. They are so soft. They are truly beautiful. Nancy Sullivan
  • Dorothy Haney
    Dorothy Haney
    Feb 03 2010
    Great looking photos of some great looking kids.
  • barry sullivan
    barry sullivan
    Feb 03 2010
    Kevin has a great name and is a beautiful little lad. i think the twins like him!!!!!! Uncle Barry
  • Julie
    Feb 03 2010
    Great photos of the Haney boys! My favorite is one last moment with all three boys. Great job Tanya and Nick and Jess on the photos! See you on the street. jess, slight oops. i added this comment in the wrong place in your Haiti section. sorry.
  • Marilyn Mulhall
    Marilyn Mulhall
    Feb 03 2010
    What a beautiful baby boy - congratulations Haney family and welcome Kevin! The pictures are fabulous. Marilyn Mulhall
  • Erin Furfey
    Erin Furfey
    Feb 03 2010
    Great pictures of beautiful boys! They are gorgeous!
  • Annie Pratt
    Annie Pratt
    Feb 03 2010
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to meet Kevin what an adorable baby! Congrats to all of you!
  • joy foraste
    joy foraste
    Feb 03 2010
    These are super cute. They look just like the little angels they are!
  • Cyndi
    Feb 03 2010
    These are amazing and hopefully they will always be laughing and hugging like this through the years :) Loved seeing all of you seem as though you've had 3 forever!
  • Lisa Weinstein
    Lisa Weinstein
    Feb 03 2010
    Tanya- Anya and I LOVED looking at these pictures. I think I actually might contact your neighbor to take some pictures of Anya and Max for Mother's day! Lisa
  • Barbara Sullivan
    Barbara Sullivan
    Feb 03 2010
    Awesome pictures of the three boys! Kevin Sullivan Haney is as adorable as his brothers! love the B's
  • Yanique da Cunha
    Yanique da Cunha
    Feb 03 2010
    These pictures are amazing! The boys are absolutely precious and the three of them together are so cute!
  • molly farley
    molly farley
    Feb 03 2010
    Oh Boy! Oh boy! Oh Boy! Tell me how you get three munchkins to smile at the same time!?!?! SO precious.
  • Pat Mytkowicz
    Pat Mytkowicz
    Feb 03 2010
    Absolutely amazing photographs! I'm with Barry-great name for your new son! The pictures are all fabulous, but my favorite is the last. Can't wait to see Kevin in person! Love from the Polish side of the family-
  • Patricia Perkins
    Patricia Perkins
    Feb 04 2010
    Hi Tanya, The pictures came out great. Congratulations!! Ed, Tricia and Ryan Perkins.
  • Shannon Costello
    Shannon Costello
    Feb 06 2010
    I love the pictures! He is absolutely beautiful! He looks like the boys. They seem very excited!

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